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TE Member Info file:

Name: Tranceweaver

DoB   : 28SEP81

HT     : 6'1

WT    : N/Atwa1.gif (36182 bytes)

Hair    : Brown

Eyes  : Blue

WPN   : IP5/120/32

Occ    : Music & GfX


OKN   : Grinder, Shade, Dr D00M, Krool

Tranceweaver is mainly a music maker, but from time to time he also makes graphics and HTML code. To him, FastTracker 2 is what TV set is for other people, and he eats PhotoShop for dinner. Deep in himself (although he doesn't come out and say it) he belives that he wasn't born on this planet, neither in this dimension. His mission here is to see all the suffering and take back with him the best things the remnants of humanity can offer. He believes in the concept of duality (he is a native Libran after all), he is some kind of a walking yin-yang symbol. Now he can think this, and only a few minutes later he could change his mind. That's why most of the people think Tranceweaver is weird. Or crazy. But that's what TW likes the most.

What kind of music does TW like?  That would be a long list. He is very much open-minded when it's about music: goa, psy trance, acid, house, drum 'n bass, jungle, gabba, EBM, ambient, industrial, metal etc.

Influences?  A long list again. Hyperopia, Slice/iLK, Corrosion (although he hates 'em), Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Transwave, Soundgarden and many, many others.

TW's favorite meal is?   Scrambled eggs with ketchup. Really. And (almost) anything with potatoes.

TV show?  Twin Peaks and The X-Files.

Movie?   Bladerunner, 2001: Space Odyssey, X-Files, Dead Man, Star Wars trilogy, Hellraiser 1 and 2, Aliens.

Games?  Quake 1 and 2, Fallout 1 and 2.

Colour?  Blue and lime green. (that's quite obvious, isn't it)

Um... colour of TW's underwear?  That's none of your bussiness.

Competition History

  - 1st place at YALP98 multichannel module compo                            : Breathe Underwater, Bitch!

  - Disqualified at Scene Strike 3 ('98) multichannel module compo   : Divine Angel

  - 1st place at YALP99 multichannel module compo                            : Hulio Ciglesias (Hrkljush mix)

  - 8th place at YALP99 24-bit gfx compo                                             : Neptune

  - Also, TW made music for the SMOKE2 (MadVirgin) demo which won the 1st place at the YALP99 demo compo

Release History




- Live Without Life

Afroelectronica (trip-hop)
Liquid Spirit (acid)
One-way 3p (acid)
Donuts [Chiv Intermission]
Don't Get It Straight [MiX] (acid)
Hare Lampije [Tzn & Bzocna Mix] (turbo-folk)
My Alternative Mind Part II (goa)
Internet - CD Club [X-Shade Intermission]
Whale in Space [Whale's Voyage Part I] (ambient)

- The Prophecy

Sudden Dream [RmX] (happy HC)
Stop, Mishko! (breakbeat)
DeathMatch (breakbeat)
Bow to The Frullah (???)
Skioniri Maleni (punk)
Break Through the Steel Sky (trance)
Brain on Hype (hard trance)
CyberQuake (tekkno)
C'mon [I Want 2 Sleep Mix] (progressive)
Kill The Bitch! (HC)
Psy-wave (acid)
Bath at The Shores of Hell (metal)
Racial Hatred (HC)

- Worse Than Thrash

The Second Frullah (rock)
More Than Meets The Mind (progressive)
Breathe Underwater, Bitch! [KtB RmX] (HC)
Motherboard (acid)
Vanishing Life [RmX] (trance)
Worse Than Thresh (HC/trash)
Dawn of The Death (industrial)

- Now It's Getting Serious

The Arrival of Death (industrial)
Shit of Da Bass (HC)
The Trick RMX (alternative/hardrock)
Bleeding Fetus (gabba)
Fire (acid)
One-Man Army Lame Rmx (?)
Vault Dweller (tekkno)
Was I Even There? (rock)
Digital Rose (hmmmmm...?)
TranceNdental Traveller (trance)
Project:Eject RMX (goa)

- Psyber

A Plank In Your Teeth (acid)
Tetsuo's Legacy (industrial)
Prince Igor (trance)
Trippin' The Pink Sky (goa)
Love At 1st Sight [Divine Angel rmx] (psy)
Silverlake (psy)

- Confrontations

Silverlake [Club rmx] (acid house)
Adamantium Rage (industrial)
Cybernetix [Adamantium Rage vs Howling] (industrial)

- Urban Tribe Shaman

Funkadelic (funk)
1000 Degz & Rising (trip-hop)
Groovin' (trip-hop)
Rainy Day (jungle/DnB)
Drug Ride (acid/jungle)
604-DELIVERANCE [IR Psylens] (goa)
Atom Bomb [Dubious Sequence rmx] (trance)
The Sand Planet (goa)
Infinity - The Neverending Story (trance)
Project:Eject RMX (goa)

- X-Vibes

Xenobiology (industrial)
Xtraction - Processing Plant (industrial)
Fight The Future (DnB)
The Highest State of Consciousness (acid)
Tiny, Little Chip Against The Big, Mean Soundboard (chip)
604-NARAYAN (goa)
Mindfields [Trance rmx] (psy/htrance)
Before The Conclusion (trance)
Tubular X - The End (ambient)

- The Last

Rendezvous With Grinder (industrial)
Future Wisdom (industrial)
Bloodline (industrial/dance)
Fusion Energy [power mix] (industrial)
Tunnels [Fire] (thrash/industrial)
Destructibo (HC)
Raw Power (thrash/industrial)
Finale (industrial)
Hulio Ciglesijas [Hrkljush mix] (turbo-folk)
SexEthereal [SITGT] (goa)
Revelation [interlude] (ambient)
The First Sign (ambient)
Distance (DnB)
Tranceweaving (goa)


Too many :)



666, flute1, fru, fru2, frula2, frula_03, gmshade, sgmshade, shade_01
g&i1, g&i2, meta2, plug, and many, MANY more...

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