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TE is a group of of men who exploit their creativity through cyber-art. It is a non-sponsored, non-profitable group, therefore we are doing this just for fun. TE exists since June 1998, when Deviant (a.k.a. Sorim) and Tranceweaver (a.k.a. Shade or Grinder) decided to start something that was soon going to become the exploding mass of similar ideas.

Tools that we use for our creations are Adobe PhotoShop, Corel DRAW! and Xara 3D, Fractal Design Painter, KPT Bryce 2  for graphics and FastTracker 2, ReBirth 338, Rubber Duck and SoundForge for music.


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Deviant - Also known as Sorim. One of the original founders of TE. Makes music and graphics. Interested in trance and industrial. Favorite artists: Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly.

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Firestarter - Also known as Birdman, Cold-Tea, Nasty_Boy, P-I-M-P, Sick Till U Die. Became a member of TE in August 1998. Makes graphics, at this moment improving his composing skills. Interested in acid jazz, funk and rap. Favorite artists: 2Pac, Ice T, Rage Against The Machine and US3.
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Impact - No other known names. Became a member of TE in October 1998. Makes music and ASCII. Interested in house and dnb. Favorite artists: Beastie Boys.
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Tranceweaver - Also known as CSM, Dr. D00M, Grinder, Shade. The co-founder of the group. Makes music and graphics. Interested in dnb, industrial, trance. Favorite artists: Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Metallica, Ministry, Rage Against The Machine, Transwave.

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TZN - Also known as Pichvajz. Became a member of the group in January 1999. Makes graphics (3d, pixel, photoshop). Interests and favorite artists unknown yet.

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Vox - also known as 604 Open Mind. Became a member of the group in November 1998. TrancEthereal moral and software support. Interested in all kinds of techno. Favorite artists: Astral Projection, GNOR.

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Biohazard - no other known names. Became a member of the group in February 1999. Makes anything he likes. Interests and favorite artists unknown.

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